Tyrannosaurid indet. Tooth from Judith River Formation

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 For sale is a beautiful Tyrannosaurid tooth fossil from the Judith River Formation in Montana, USA. The exact genus of this tooth is almost impossible to define, but it is definitely one of three tyrannosaurs; Daspletosaurus, Albertosaurus, or Gorgosaurus. Teeth under 3" of these three genera are very hard to differentiate and there is no scientific method for doing so. Thus, this tooth must be labeled as Tyrannosaurid indet.

This is a very nice specimen, but was found in two parts and had to be glued back together. There is also a bit of repair as well as the photos show. The serrations are slightly worn, but are still visible; an attribute which is not common. It comes with the acrylic case.

This fossil was measured with a caliper is ensure accuracy.

Classification: Tyrannosaurid indet.

Length: 1.336” (33.94mm)

Width: 0.653” (16.6mm)

Weight: 0.218 oz. (6.16 grams)

Location: Judith River Formation, Montana, USA.

Tyrannosaurids is a family of extinct theropod dinosaurs that appeared at the beginning of the Cretaceous period. There were up to 11 genera of Tyrannosauridae, one of which is the famous Tyrannosaurus, and they eventually rose to the top of the food chain, becoming some of the largest land predators that ever lived. They were distributed across North America and Asia and were highly successful, with all species capable of weighing up to 1 metric ton.

Location: Judith River Formation, Montana, USA

Classification: Tyrannosaurid indet.

Geological era: Mesozoic

Period: Late Cretaceous

Stage: Campanian

Age (MYA): 75 to 80 Million Years Ago

Length: 1.336” (33.94mm)

Width: 0.653” (16.6mm)

Weight: 0.218 oz. (6.16 grams)

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