A+ Grade Fossilised Ammonite Split Pair Fossil - Popular

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For sale is a pair of authentic split ammonites. The ammonite has been sliced in half and polished, exposing the intricate crystallised chambers. You will receive one very similar to the photos. It includes an information sheet telling you all the facts about the Ammonite. The size will be between 35 to 45 mm (1.5” to 2”).

This fossil is 100% genuine with alterations, except for polishing.


Species: Cleoniceras

Size: 35 to 45 mm (1.4” to 1.8”)

Location: Madagascar, Southeast Africa

Age: 100 to 113 million years old

Ammonites are an extinct group of molluscs and are related to the modern octopus and squid, their closest relative being the nautilus. They appeared during the Devonian period (400 million years ago) of the Palaeozoic Era and died out during the Cretaceous-Palaeogene extinction (65 million years ago). These hardy Cephalopods were widely dispersed all over the world and very successful. Ammonites made great index fossils as they evolved very quickly and there were so many of them.

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