Nice 3.5" Megalodon Shark Tooth

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For sale is a nicely preserved Megalodon shark tooth. There is some enamel peel and the serrations have been worn, though they are still visible. The gum and enamel is mostly intact and there are no major nicks or chips along the edge. This is an all-round good tooth, with no restorations or repairs; 100% natural.

This tooth is 100% genuine with no repairs or restorations.

Specifications of Tooth:

Length: 3.531” (89.7mm)

Width:  2.995” (76.08mm)

Weight: 84.32 grams (2.974 oz.)

Carcharocles megalodon is an extinct species of megatoothed shark that lived during the early Miocene to late Pliocene epochs of the Neogene period (23 to 2.6 mya). It was one of the largest marine predators to have existed, vastly outweighing the modern Great White Shark and other marine reptiles such as Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs. C. megalodon could grow up to 60 feet (18 meters) and over, weighing approximately one hundred tons. Its diet consisted mainly of prehistoric whales, dolphins and giant sea turtles; fossilized bones of marine mammals have been found with bite marks matching the teeth of megalodon.

Length: 3.531” (89.7mm)

Width:  2.995” (76.08mm)

Weight: 84.32 grams (2.974 oz.)

Location: Southeast USA

Genus/Species: Carcharocles megalodon

Geological era: Cenozoic

Period: Neogene

Epochs: Early Miocene to Late Pliocene

Age (MYA): 23 to 2.6 Million Years Ago

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