Woolly Mammoth Fossil Teeth *ARTICULATE SET*

  • $ 850.00

For sale is a pair of juvenile mammoth teeth recovered from the permafrost in Russia. These teeth are extremely rare as they were from the same individual, therefore making them an articulate set. Most mammoth teeth are not found in pairs and certainly not in this well preserved condition. I cannot stress how unique this find is. This fossil is for the serious collector and must be kept in a cool and clean environment away from the sun or any heat.

There are a few chips and damages; as the photos show, but this is the case for nearly all mammoth teeth. Please view the photos carefully.


Species: Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius)

Location: Russian Federation (recovered from permafrost)

Age: Pleistocene to early Holocene epochs of the Quaternary period (150 to 4 thousand years ago).

Dimensions of Larger Tooth:

Length: 124.7mm (4.909”)

Width: 67.09mm (2.641”)

Depth: 121.18mm (4.77”)

Weight: 754 grams (1.662 lbs)

Dimensions of Smaller Tooth:

Length: 111.92mm (4.406”)

Width: 66.18mm (2.605”)

Depth: 112.72mm (4.437”)

Weight: 707 grams (1.558 lbs)


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